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we as a society need to start talking about abusive friendships, bc those exist and seem to be really common

and most people in them dont know how do deal w the abuse bc its normally emotional abuse which.gets delegitimized, and its a platonic relationship and not a romo or sexual one, so it gets delegitimized for that too

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Well done, Playboy.

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Richard Scarry fans (and you know who we … I mean YOU are) rejoice! The artist’s son Huck is publishing a previously undiscovered volume called Best Lowly Worm Book Ever!

 He tells NPR’s Scott Simon that he found the manuscript for Best Lowly Worm Book Ever! in his father’s Swiss chalet.

"I looked here and I looked there, and underneath my father’s desk I indeed found a rather dusty gray portfolio," he says. "And in there, there were a lot of sketches on tracing paper. So it was basically all sketched out and the text had been written — it was done with my father’s typewriter and taped down onto the pages. But he never got around to doing the final art and so that’s what I did."

Read the rest of the story (and find out why it’s okay that Lowly can kick a ball despite having — or being — only one leg) here.

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Artsy references from the Animators desk in the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka.

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Rose and Almond Oil

This is easy peasy..

- pick roses
- allow any moisture to dry
- sterilise dark jar with boiling water
- dry jar
- squash rose petals into jar
- cover with oil
- pop on the lid
- leave to infuse for 2/3 weeks

…and TA-DA you have yourself a vitamin rich skin soothing facial oil!

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